Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS Review

Any golf player has heard of rangefinders and their contribution to improving golf skills and Bushnell is among the most popular brands that customers prefer. The Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS is a cutting-edge golf gadget that enjoys the latest technologies and can offer a great assistance in achieving accurate shots to the hole. It can be used in tournaments as well and it relies on an accurate measuring system that enables it to detect even the farthest distances. All in all, this gadget is worth the $340 price and should be on your purchase list if you are looking for ways to get better at golf.


What matters the most in a golf rangefinder is the accuracy delivered during a golf game and that is related to the type of lens and the measuring technology. This device uses a second-generation E.S.P. system that can measure yardages faster and more precisely than ever. This stands for Extreme Speed Precision that not only targets long-range objects but does it faster and with a high accuracy of +/- 1 yard.
It also includes the popular PinSeeker with Jolt technology that lets you know when you have secured your target. When the device detects the flag, it sends a short vibrating signal to let you know your target is detected and ensured. This way, you will avoid situations like detecting trees or other harder objects that might be mistaken as flags. The unit has a range of 5 yards to 450+ to the flag, thus ensuring a great precision. The accuracy of the measurements is also perfected by the 6x magnification with HD optics that provide crisp and clear images.

Specifications sheet

Specs Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS
Dimensions 4” x 3” x 1.5”
Weight 8 oz
Magnification 6x
Maximum range 450 yards
Accuracy +/- 1 yard
Display type Vivid technology
Vibration Yes
Rainproof Yes
Battery type 3V CR2 lithium

Size and Design

A rangefinder should not be very big because it would be hard to hold and bulky to carry around the golf course. This model is just the right size and shape, providing a good grip thanks to the design that takes the shape of your hand. The rubber texture on the top and bottom prevents slipping and keeps your hand firm on the device. Measuring 4.7 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches and weighing a little over 5 ounces, this item is very lightweight and easily portable so you can keep it in the pocket with you on the golf course. The black and white design has an interesting feature with the interchangeable red and black faceplates that enhance its aspect while making it more user-friendly.

Special Features

One of the most interesting features of the Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS is the dual display that shows the readings in two different ways. It can change from black to red depending on the surrounding light to help the user have a better look at the numbers. It can be controlled using the Vivid display switch located at the back of the device that adjusts the intensity of the brightness. Another excellent feature is the slope technology that is great for practicing because it adjusts the yardage calculates the compensation according to the slope of the course. By interchanging the two faceplates, you swap between the slope and the conforming mode, thus adapting the gadget either for practice or for tournaments.

Ease of Use

One of the main qualities of a range finding device should be the ease of use that makes it suitable for any type of player, be it a newbie or a professional. This device is very easy to use compared to other units that require setup or have many buttons that could be confusing. It only has one Start button, a sliding one that lets you swap between the two types of displays and the B logo on the left is actually the Mode button. Other than that, getting the readings and handling the device is smooth and easy. Thanks to the Posi-Thread battery door, you can easily replace the battery without having to use a sharp object to open the door.

Other Specifications

A golf rangefinder that costs this much needs to be protected so the manufacturer delivers it in a nice solid case that keeps the device away from damage in case it falls. It also has a soft cleaning cloth for the lens and display and a small bag for the faceplates. The instruction booklet is in the package as well and the warranty covers the gadget for 2 years after the purchase date so you can forget about any worries. The device is rainproof so you can use it in rainy weather conditions without the risk of damaging it.


  • HD optics and 6x magnification offer clear optics
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Jolt technology announces when you have locked in on the target
  • Slope technology calculates the compensation more precisely
  • Easy to use due to an intuitive 3-button control
  • Manufacturer backs it up for 2 years


  • Maximum measurement of only 450 yards

Final thoughts

Coming at a reasonable price considering what it has to offer, the Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS is a great addition to the equipment collection of any passionate golfer. Regardless whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you will surely benefit from having it by your side when you’re on the course, this amazing device allowing you to see targets that are over 450 yards away from your location. Best of all the 6x magnification that it offers ensures that you will be able to lock in on your target with ease, seeing every important detail about the target to make a wise decision when it is time to shoot. In addition, the compact size and comfortable design that it boasts make it a dream to work with, being very convenient to use this gadget when you’re playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What does the PinSeeker with Jolt feature do?
To help make your practice session or game easier, this feature finds the target accurately and quick, and it produced a vibration to let you know when you are locked onto it.

?Is it portable?
Due to the fact that it measures only 4.7 inches by 3.2 inches by 1.6 inches, and weighs a mere 5 ounces, it won’t only feel light in your hands as you are using it, but it will fit easily into your bag or pocket as well, ensuring high portability.

?Can I use it in tournaments?
Yes, you can use it during tournament play if you swap between the slope mode and the conforming mode. Thus, it is one of the most versatile devices out there as you can have it conform to regulations whenever you want to.


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