Golf is a real gentleman’s sport, earning this title due to the fact that it requires players to not only act as gentlemen and watch their behavior when they are on the course but because it requires a lot of focus and ambition in order to succeed. As a golfer, you already know that every piece of equipment has its own part to play when it comes to the quality of your game, but none is as important as the set of clubs you use. This being said, let us move on and find out what the market has to offers when it comes to the best golf club sets for men.

Top 10 Men’s Golf Club Sets Comparison

Rank Sets Photo Price
The Best

Callaway Strata Tour Complete Set

Callaway is one of the best golf equipment producers out there, so it is no surprise that the golf club set for men that ranked first in our top is produced by this devoted company. The Strata Tour set that they manufacture contains all the clubs you need when you are playing on the course, including a driver, a 3 wood, a 5 hybrid, a 4 hybrid, a putter, and a #6 wedge. In addition, the set includes a bag where you can neatly place the clubs to carry them with ease during the game, and headcovers for all the clubs that offer protection.

Callaway Strata Tour Complete Set Picture $
Our Choice

Wilson Men’s Pro Fit Complete Package Set

Just like Callaway, Wilson is a company that has accustomed golfers everywhere to quality golf equipment. This amazing set delivered by Wilson contains a 3-way driver, a 4 hybrid, a 5 hybrid, a fairway wood, a putter, and irons 6-WS. Also, it comes with a golf bag you can use to easily carry the clubs with you on the course when you play. What recommends this set for all golfers out there is the fact that all the clubs are made with quality materials, and they are engineered to increase the player’s performance.

Wilson Men's Pro Fit Complete Package Set Picture $

Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Set

Our third installment comes from Wilson as well, this being clear proof of the brand’s quality. The set is ranked on the third spot in our top contains a driver, a putter, irons 5-SW, a 3-wood, and a 4-Hybrid. Of course, just like the other entries in our top, it comes with a convenient bag you can use to carry the clubs with ease when you are on the course. What makes this set a great choice to go with is the fact that the irons are made with stainless stel, the hybrid features an enhanced head design, and the fairway wood has a strong loft.

Wilson Men's Profile XLS Complete Package Set Picture $

Wilson 2017 Men’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set

This 2017 set produced by Wilson is composed of a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a putter, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, and 4 irons. The cart bag it comes with is lightweight, and it features a double-padded shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to carry it yourself. What recommends this set to any serious golfer is the fact that it is designed to give an increased distance and more control over the shots. Also, the irons in this set have deep cavity backs which improve the player’s accuracy considerably.

Wilson 2017 Men's Profile XD Golf Complete Set Picture $

Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Set

This 16-piece set that comes from Pinemeadow is any golfer’s dream as it contains everything you might ever need when you are on the golf course. The clubs which make up this set are a 10.5° driver, a 21° hybrid, a 15° fairway wood, a pre mallet putter, and 4-PW irons. Besides these clubs, in the set you will find headcovers for the driver, the fairway wood, and the hybrid, and a convenient stand bag which features dual straps, thus allowing you to comfortably carry it when moving from one hole to another.

Pinemeadow PRE Men's 16-Piece Complete Set Picture $

Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Set

This magnificent and modern golf set that comes from Wilson is recommended for men who measure up to 6’2″ in height. What the set contains are a driver, a putter, a 4 hybrid, a 3 fairway wood, and 5-PW irons. The grip of these clubs is standard, and when it comes to the shafts of the irons, they are all made with steel. Also, it is important for you to know this set is a preferable choice to go with for those who are beginners and who need to work on lowering their handicap.

Wilson Ultra Men's Complete Set Picture $

Prosimmon Golf X9 Club Set & Bag

While the Golf X9 is a great option to go with, the clubs having a very pleasant and modern design and being made with attention to detail in order to ensure they will play an important role in improving any golfer’s game, it does have a flaw, more precisely the lack of a sand wedge. Other than that, it contains everything you need, including two woods, two hybrids, 5-PW irons, and a putter. Also, it comes with a cart bag which allows you to carry the clubs in a convenient and comfortable manner.

Prosimmon Golf X9 Club Set & Bag Picture $

Tommy Armour Men’s Axial 16-Piece Complete Set

This high-end set that comes from Tommy Armour contains 11 clubs, a dual-strap stand bag, and 4 headcovers for the hybrids, the fairway wood, and the driver. Among the 11 clubs this set comes with you have a pitching wedge, a driver, a fairway wood, 5-9 irons, a mallet style putter, a 3-hybrid, and a 4-hybrid. These clubs are obviously made with quality materials and designed to help increase your performance when you are on the course, and the stand bag features 5 zippered pockets which allow you to store various items in it.

Tommy Armour Men's Axial 16-Piece Complete Set Picture $

Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Club Set & Bag

The X9 V2 is the perfect choice for golfers who are at the beginning of the road and who need all the help they can get to improve the quality of their shots. This set in composed of 5-PW irons, two hybrids, a fairway wood, a putter, and a 460cc driver. As expected, it comes with a stand bag you can use to conveniently carry the clubs on the course. Also, it comes with headcovers for the fairway wood and the two hybrids, headcovers which will keep the clubs safe when they are not in use.

Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Club Set & Bag Picture $

Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set

Although this set that comes from Confidence ranks last in our top, you should not think less of it. The clubs which compose it include 6-PW irons that have strong steel shafts, a 24° hybrid wood, a putter, a driver. The stand bag which is included when purchasing this set has a smart design, featuring legs that automatically pop, and having a generous storage due to the external pockets where you can place anything you want to carry items like snacks more conveniently when you are playing a relaxing round of golf.

Confidence Golf Men's Power Hybrid Club Set Picture $

As we searched the market, we found many quality men’s golf club sets which are specially designed for use by men, allowing them to use their entire strength to hit the ball with high accuracy, landing the ball inside the hole from the first try. However, while there are numerous qualitative products out there, we must again highlight the improved grip and convenience provided by the Callaway Strata Tour Complete Set. It might cost a bit more than other entries, but considering the construction of the gloves and the fact that this is indeed a complete set which contains a driver, a 3 wood, a 4 hybrid, a 5 hybrid, and a #6 wedge, it is totally worth the investment. we must also draw your attention on the Wilson Men’s Pro Fit Complete Package Set which is our personal favorite, a set that comes with all the clubs you need when playing golf whether it be at an amateur or a professional level and which endorses convenience in use due to the comfortable grip they boast.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What accessories should I look into when making the purchase?
When buying a golf club set, there are a few accessories it is preferable for it to come with so that you will be spared of making extra purchases. First and foremost, the set should be accompanied by a golf bag where you can keep the golf clubs when you go on the course. Also, check for the set to come with head covers for the clubs in your set. These covers play a protective role, keeping the heads of the clubs safe from any damage when they are in the bag.

?What clubs compose a complete golf club set?
We will answer your question according to the rules set by the USGA. In your golf bag, you should be carrying 14 clubs. The typical set we recommend you go for and that contains all the important clubs looks like this – 1 driver, 1 putter, 1 hybrid, 2 wedges, 2 fairway woods, and 7 irons. These are the clubs you are most likely to use throughout the game, the ones you cannot skip on.

?As a beginner, how much money do you recommend I spend on a club set?
A quality golf club set for men who are still at the beginning of the road when it comes to this sport is not as expensive as professional sets are. However, do expect to pay somewhere from $150 to $250 on it. It is not a cheap purchase, so it is important for you to understand what you need to make the right choice. We recommend you pick the Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Set or the Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Club Set & Bag featured on our top as these two sets are best suited for beginners.