Leupold GX-1i2 Review

When it comes to golf, it is important to know that these days, there are lots of innovative devices that can help you improve your game. The first unit you should go for is the range finding device. With this type of gadget, you will be able to accurately determine the exact distance to a certain fixed point on a golf course, such as the green or various hazards. The Leupold GX-1i2 could be an excellent choice, in terms of laser rangefinders. This unit costs $215.99, and for more information about it, you are invited to read this review.


It is accurate to within half a yard. The Prism Lock technology that this device comes with affords unmatched accuracy. The yard range is 6-800 reflective/6-400 to flag, and in terms of magnification, this device features a 6 x 23 mm objective diameter. It operates on a CR2 lithium ion battery, and it is expected to provide approximately 6000 readings before you will actually need to replace the battery.

Specifications sheet

Specs GX-1i2
Dimensions 4.2” x 3” x 1.6”
Weight 6.72 oz
Magnification 6x
Maximum range 400 yards
Accuracy +/- 6 inches
Display type Red OLED
Lens diameter 23 mm
Lens coating Multi-coating
Water resistant Yes
Battery type CR2 lithium

Size and design

It measures 4.2 x 3.0 x 1.6 inches, and that weighs not more and not less than 0,42 pounds. It is lightweight thanks to its advanced polymer plastic construction. You should also take into consideration the fact that this device is completely waterproof. Therefore, you can confidently use it no matter the weather, as you will definitely receive the same accurate results. It is light and small enough to put in your pocket between shots, but not too small to cause problems holding it for those players who have big hands. The body of this unit will fit comfortably into your hand, and the rubber top will provide a good traction even when it is damp outdoors. You will certainly like the beautiful design of this unit, and its green and black finish. The scratch-proof lens with low glare will provide you very clear and bright images. Compact, rugged, accurate, and completely weatherproof, this golf device will surely improve your golf game. It is without a doubt an excellent choice for those who do not play in perfect weather at all times.

Special features

This wonderful golf gadget has everything you need as a golfer, in order to highly improve your game. It packs Leupold’s Digitally eNhanced Accuracy, PinHunter 2, and Prism Lock technologies. These innovative technologies work together in order to make it easier for you to find the flag even in the most crowded landscapes. This device is accurate to within half a yard, which is without a doubt absolutely amazing. The Prism Lock technology actually affords unmatched accuracy, whereas the Digitally eNhanced Accuracy engine and the innovative infrared laser will provide faster measurements. Thanks to the Fog Mode, the device will range through the toughest weather. A Scan Mode is also available.

Ease of use

As with most current laser models, it doesn’t require a set-up and it is actually extremely easy to use. You just need to put the battery in and then press the power button. There are some options you can use in order to enhance and customize the performance of this device. First, it has 7 aiming reticles, which is actually more than any other Leupold laser, and which can help you customize the display. Furthermore, the distance can be displayed in yards or meters. These wonderful options, plus Fog Mode and Prism Lock’s audio signal, can easily and quickly be changed by the user by holding down the Mode button and toggling with the Power button. As mentioned on the design section, this model is very easy to grasp, no matter if your hands are small or big, and thanks to the lightweight design, you can easily carry it with you on the green, in your pocket. All in all, you will surely not find difficult absolutely at all using this modern gadget.

Other considerations

Unlike other units of this type, it is tournament legal. The CR2 lithium ion battery of this unit provides approximately 6000 readings before it is necessary to replace the battery. For further information regarding the warranty of this product, it is recommended to contact the Customer Service Department.


  • Reflective range of up to 800 yards
  • CR2 lithium battery has a long lifespan
  • It features a scratch-proof lens
  • 100% weatherproof design
  • It features the Prism Lock technology
  • Fog mode allows it to range through foggy weather
  • It’s legal for tournament use
  • It features 7 aiming reticles


  • None

Final thoughts

With an impressive accuracy of +/- 6 inches, it is hard to surpass in terms of reliability. The simplistic design and intuitive use only add to its desirability, making it one of the most sought-after products on its market. To further add to its list of advantageous traits, know it comes at a reasonable price that makes it affordable for most people. Unfortunately, there is a small downside to this product, more precisely that it could have features a bigger measurement range. However, the 400 yards it does offer more than suffice for those simply looking to boost their game by lowering their handicap. Allowing you to more clearly see the path you must take when shooting the ball to get it as near to the hole as possible and giving you the chance to more closely observe obstacles along the way, it is a piece of equipment we recommend you take with you whenever you are on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What is the provided range?
The provided maximum range when it comes to reflective targets is up to 800 yards, while the maximum range it provides for flags is up to 400 yards.

?How long will the battery last?
The battery that powers it is a CR2 lithium type, and it delivers up to 6000 readings before it needs to be replaced. This is a considerably long lifespan, so you need not worry about spending money on product maintenance.

?Is it legal for tournament use?
Yes, this device is legal for tournament play, so you will benefit from its help even when you are playing competitively to keep your handicap as low as possible.


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