TecTecTec VPRODLX Review

A high-quality golf rangefinder is one of the most helpful devices on the golf course, making it a great companion when it comes to becoming a skilled golf player. Since we’re constantly looking for impressive units, we will present you a notable golf player that can definitely be worth considering by all those interested in advanced golf devices. The TecTecTec VPRODLX can be purchased at the price of $179.99 and we believe it comes with good features and performance for a golf rangefinder. Also, it’s easy to use, features a solid construction, and it’s quite accurate. More about what this unit can do will be detailed in the lines below, so read the review and find out why it caught our attention.


The TecTecTec VPRODLX is a remarkable golf rangefinder that offers a great performance when it comes to helping you improve your game. The measurement range of the unit is quite long, being able to measure distances between 5 and 600 yards, with an accuracy within +/- 1 yard. As about the magnification, the unit features 6X magnification monocular lens, so the objects will appear close enough to spot different targets. The quality of the images received is bright and clear due to the multiplayer coating, so your game will significantly become better right from the first use. Also, it can measure the distances quite quickly, allowing you to adjust the diopter according to your preferences. Additionally, the battery of the device is rechargeable and it can last up to several rounds before you have to recharge it.

Specifications sheet

Although you’ll find the details listed in the following spec sheet more detailed throughout the review, it’s worth taking a glance at it as it offers a more compact overview on the rangefinder’s performance and usability.

Dimensions 4.1” x 2.8” x 1.6”
Weight 6.56 oz
Magnification 6x
Maximum range 600 yards
Accuracy +/- 1 yard
Measuring system Yards/meters
Display type LCD
Waterproof Yes
Battery type Rechargeable

Size and design

We love the fact that this golf rangefinder features a sleek and modern design, which makes it a great companion on the course field. The product is also lightweight, so your hand will not get tired even if you’re using it for a longer period of time. At the same time, it features a button attachment that offers you the possibility to keep it on your belt to carry it much easier. Moreover, it has a compact design that allows you to take it with you whenever you’re traveling because it will fit your travel bag with absolutely no difficulties. Furthermore, the model features a waterproof construction, so you can use it even if the rain starts while you’re on the golf course.

Special features

When it comes to special features, you can be sure that this golf device won’t disappoint you. The model features three different scanning modes for various situations, so you can choose whatever you want to receive the desired results. The flag seeker mode uses an advanced PinSensor technology that allows you to measure overlapping targets, being the ideal device for accurately locating the pin. Additionally, you will find very helpful the measurement locking function, but you have to have steady hands in order to lock on the target.

Ease of use

The simple and user-friendly design of the TecTecTec VPRODLX makes it quite uncomplicated to use for every player, even for beginners. In order to operate it, you only have to use one of the two buttons which are conveniently placed on the top of the unit. Also, the unit renders fast results, meaning you can save precious time during the game. Furthermore, the unit comes with a quick start guide for easy setup before the first use.

Other considerations

If you’re considering buying this golf rangefinder, you can be sure you will make the right decision. The solid construction makes it durable for a long period of time, being specially designed to stand up against difficult weather and still offer great results. The warranty provided by the manufacturer for the TecTecTec VPRODLX is 1 year, but you will also benefit from a free extended warranty for another year, so you will enjoy a 2-year warranty. You can also return the product within 60 days and receive your money back in case you are not satisfied with the quality. The additional accessories included are a premium carrying pouch, a wrist strap, as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth. Last but not least, the unit is tournament legal, so you can use it during the competitions.


  • It comes at a cheap price
  • Measuring range of up to 600 yards
  • Capable of magnifying up to 6 times
  • Impressive +/-1-yard accuracy
  • Weatherproof construction
  • It features the PinSensor technology


  • Battery must be recharged often

Final thoughts

Making a habit out of designing and manufacturing quality rangefinders, TecTecTec is a brand you can confidently purchase from as it puts an accent on attention to detail. Furthermore, most devices produced by this manufacturer come at affordable prices, this “rule” applying to the VPRODLX as well. Measuring distances quickly than you can imagine, it is a tool any beginner golfer needs as it allows the improvement of shot precision and other game elements in order to lower the handicap. Additionally, it makes the life of a golf player a lot easier as it allows him/her to view obstacles along the way to the hole, thus giving the player a better idea on how the ball must be shot in order to reach the target destination safely. Overall, there are only words of praise we can say about this golf gadget, a recommendation we strongly make for anyone looking for a serious game quality upgrade.

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