In the challenging sport of golf, there is always room for improvement and innovation when it comes to the equipment players use. After all, without having top of the line clubs at their disposal, players won’t be able to lower their handicap and truly enjoy the game of golf. One of the most important clubs in a player’s bag is the driver, this being the reason why we have conducted the proper research in order to find the top rated 1-woods out there. Therefore, if you do not want to settle for less than the best, make sure you check out our ranking and choose one of these models that will surely help you improve your game.

Top 12 Golf Drivers Comparison

Photo Model Hand Orientation Design Main Highlight Shot Result Price
1. Cobra King F6 Right, left Face perimeter features a trench Speed Channel technology Superior ball speed and deflection [affiliate id=”2520_1″]
2. TaylorMade R15 460 Right, left 4-degree sleeve Front track system Reduced spin [affiliate id=”2520_2″]
3. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Right, left Offset club head Anti-slice technology Straight and long shots [affiliate id=”2520_3″]
4. Cobra Fly Z Right, left Square face at address SmartPad technology High speed for off-center hits [affiliate id=”2520_4″]
5. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Right, left Multi-material construction 8 different loft and lie angles Superior shot speed [affiliate id=”2520_5″]
6. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Right, left Aerodynamic head shape Light RMOTO face technology Superior ball speed [affiliate id=”2520_12″]
7. Adams Golf Blue RH Right, left Slim shaft Velocity slot technology More spin and speed [affiliate id=”2520_6″]
8. Adams Golf XTD Ti Right, left Graphite shaft Cut-Thru slot technology Maximum ball speed on difficult shots [affiliate id=”2520_7″]
9. Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Blue Right, left 460cc titanium head E9 face technology Increased forgiveness [affiliate id=”2520_8″]
10. Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 460 Right, left Graphite shaft 9.5-degree loft Long and high tee shots [affiliate id=”2520_9″]
11. Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti-Slice Right Graphite shaft 10.5-degree loft Straight ball flight [affiliate id=”2520_10″]
12. TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Right, left Graphite shaft Titanium matrix construction Improved accuracy due to maximum C.O.R. [affiliate id=”2520_11″]

The Golf Drivers Evaluation

Cobra King F6

The best model on the market at the moment is the Cobra King F6, a club you can have in your bag for the price of $180. What impresses the most about this club is the fact that it comes with the innovative Speed Channel technology, meaning it features a trench around the perimeter of the face. This addition minimizes the thickness of the club and it increases ball speed across the face, ensuring the shot will have an incredible distance. Also, the forged titanium face of the club has a variable structure in thickness, creating more deflection for superior ball speeds.

Variable structure in thickness
Increased ball speed across the face of the club
Features a forged titanium face

TaylorMade R15 460

You can have this club in your bag for the price of $150. What made us fall in love with it is the fact that it promotes low speed, so playing with it will surely help you lower your handicap and improve your game. The 4° loft sleeve ensures superior loft adjustability, and it allows you to dial in your launch conditions. In addition, the front Track system it features reduces spin and it increases the size of the sweet spot.

Loft adjustability granted by the 4-degree loft sleeve
Reduced spin due to front Track system
It promotes low speeds

Pinemeadow PGX Offset

This is the best-selling model of the moment, delivering impressive capabilities due to its innovative design. Another factor that makes it very tempting to buy is the $54 price tag which makes it more accessible than other top of the line models. It features the anti-slice technology which means the head of the club is offset. Therefore, the leading edge of the face to the front of the hosel is offset in order to allow the player more time to square the face at impact for the ball to be hit longer and straighter.

Offset leading face to the front of the hosel
Comes at a cheap price
Best-selling product in this market

Cobra Fly Z

For the price of $175, you can impress your competitors when you are on the course with the Cobra Fly Z. This club features the SmartPad technology, meaning it delivers a square face at address no matter the loft setting. The Crown Zone weighting technology of this model removes the weight from the crown, repositioning it low and back in the head for a low deep CG. The innovative structure of the face removes the weight from key areas around the hosel and face to increase the speed and size of the sweet zone, allowing for a superior speed on off-center hits.

Offers a low deep CG
Features the Crown Zone weight technology
Delivers a square face at address

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

This club comes at the price of approximately $180. Its multi-material construction ensures it incorporates all the best technologies of the moment for a low CG and an impressive forgiveness to be delivered. Due to the fact that it comes with the innovative Optfit technology, it allows for increased adjustability, giving the player the chance to choose from a combination of 8 different loft and lie angles. In addition, the high-performance shaft offers superior shot speed.

Delivers a big forgiveness on shots
Optfit technology allows increased adjustability
Delivers a low CG

Callaway Men’s XR 16

The large shape for MOI and the big footprint of the head make this club one of the most forgiving entries you could go for. Its center of gravity is low and deep as opposed to most other entries on this market, so you will receive more speed at impact. To provide players with this optimal design, Callaway has collaborated with Boeing experts, delivering a unique aerodynamic head shape that helps lower handicap. Additionally, the RMOTO technology helps make it lighter, while the 8-1-1 titanium build of the face ensures its construction remains durable.

Strong design of the face as it is made with 8-1-1 titanium
Delivers a 10.5 degrees loft
Lightweight body ensures you will have an easy time hitting the ball with it

Adams Golf Blue RH

To purchase this model, you have to spend around $75. What makes it an investment worth making is the fact that it features the Velocity Slot technology, meaning the sole slot offers more flex and speed across a wider area of the face. The SlimTech shaft allows for a quicker and easier launch. In addition, the fact that it keeps the CG low and back allows more speed and spin on more shots.

SlimTech shaft allows easy launches
More flex and speed granted by the Velocity Slot technology
One of the more affordable selections on the market

Adams Golf XTD Ti

The XTD Ti club can be in your bag for the price of approximately $80. This stiff 1-wood has a graphite shaft and an impressive loft of 10.5 degrees. What makes it a must have for any golf passionate is the fact that it comes with the Cut-Thru Slot technology. This means the slots combine with the progressive face thickness of the club to ensure maximum ball speed for all on-center and off-center shots.

Progressive face thickness ensures maximum ball speed
Lightweight design ensures an easy handling
Comes at a cheap price

Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Blue

This golf club can be in your bag for the price of $90. Due to the fact that it is produced by Cobra, you are assured it is of a superior quality and it has an impressive durability. The 460cc titanium head of the club allows for enhanced quality and style. As the weight is distributed in the most optimal way possible, it ensures improved moment of inertia and forgiveness. Also, the E9 face technology redistributes the weight to offer added forgiveness and easier playability.

Weight is distributed so that easy playability is provided
Designed for easy handling
Comes at a reasonable price

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 460

This impressive model from Tour Edge Golf comes at the price of around $105. It is a stiff club that has a 9.5-degree loft. Due to the fact that it features an ultra-light high-launch graphite shaft, it delivers a longer and higher trajectory for the shots. The deep face design of this model expands the sweet spot to ensure maximum distance will be achieved from anywhere on the face. Also, the rear fixed sole weight of this model creates a deep center of gravity to allow long and high tee shots.

Deep face design expands the sweet spot
Rear fixed sole weight creates a deep center of gravity
High tee shots are possible with it

Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti-Slice

This golf club can sit in your bag for the price of only $55. It is a regular flex model that has a graphite shaft and offers a 10.5-degree loft. It measures 45 inches and it is designed to be used by right handed players. By using it, you surely won’t be faced with mishits off the tee anymore. This is all due to the fact that the weight is strategically placed inside the head to help and square it at impact, which results in a limitation of the side spin for a straighter ball flight to be provided.

Measures 45 inches in length
Limits the side spin on straight ball flights
Ensures no more mishits off the tee will occur

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix

The 460cc sizes head of this club and the deep face make it perfect for those who aren’t quite at the top of their game. Its strong graphite shaft even ensures that hitting the ball a bit too hard won’t be an issue as it won’t suffer any damage. It comes at a cheap price which makes it even more appealing, and its titanium matrix construction ensures durability while making it perfect for tee shots. Furthermore, due to its maximum C.O.R. it offers a large spring effect that will make a huge difference in the accuracy of your shots.

Large spring effect ensures accuracy
Durability granted by its titanium matrix body
Comes at a very cheap price

1-Wood Basics – What You Need to Know

Without clubs, you won’t be able to play golf, their role in this game is obvious. But why are there so many varieties when it comes to these clubs? The truth of the matter is each club in a set plays a different role, being appropriate for specific types of strikes. The standard size of a golf club set is 12, the mandatory pieces that compose it being three kinds of wood, a hybrid, a putter, and seven irons. One of the three required woods to carry in your golf bag is the 1-wood. What makes it different from other woods and a mandatory addition to your bag? Well, it is quite simple. The driver, also known as the 1-wood, delivers the lowest loft of all golf clubs. The loft represents the angle of the club face that affects the distance of your strike and its trajectory. These clubs boast a loft ranging from 7 to 12 degrees, professionals generally preferring to play with 10-degree or lower lofted angles, while beginners feeling most comfortable when playing with higher lofted 1-woods. To better understand the role and importance of this club, know it is used to deliver the first strike on a par 4 or 5 hole as it is the longest hitting club you carry.

How We Tested the Clubs

#1 – Cobra #2 – TaylorMade #3 – Pinemeadow #4 – Cobra #5 – Callaway #6 – Callaway #7 – Adams Golf #8 – Adams Golf #9 – Cobra Golf #10 – Tour Edge Golf #11 – Bullet Golf #12 – TEC Plus
As the 1-wood is intended to be the club in your bag with which you hit the ball the furthest, we made it a point to see what distance we can achieve with each product when teeing off. Our tests revealed significant differences between the clubs, but we were realistic to the fact that not the same amount of force was used in each shot, so we took this element into consideration as well to fairly rate the products in our roster.
10/10 10/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 9/10
Playing from the fairway
If you are a beginner or your skills aren’t up to par yet, you are most likely not going to attempt playing the 1-wood from the fairway soon. However, seeing how this is a trick a lot of skilled golfers take up in their time of need, it was a parameter we had to test for. The efficiency and accuracy in landing the ball as close to our target as possible in this specific circumstance is what we tested for.
10/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 8/10
When we refer to feel, we talk about the weight and overall design of the club, how it feels in your hands when you swing and hit the ball. A lightweight design and comfortable length are preferable as you are more likely to get accustomed to the club faster, your shots increasing in accuracy at a higher pace.
10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 9/10 9/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 9/10
Full swing ease
To properly utilize a 1-wood, you have to master the full swing first. But a quality club is the one to help you achieve the swing through its design, encouraging it by not feeling too heavy or discomforting the player with its length. Sure, it is a longer club by default, but we had to test and see how easily a proper full swing can be achieved with each of our picks.
10/10 10/10 10/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 8/10 9/10 8/10
Overall score
100% 98% 95% 93% 90% 90% 88% 83% 93% 85% 88% 83%

Useful Buying Guide

1-woods are highly popular among golfers because they are very versatile but their performance depends on several factors that must be taken into account. Let’s discover together which are the aspects that matter when buying the equipment.

  • Size

  • The size of a 1-wood refers to the volume that is measured in cubic centimeters. You can find models of 440cc which are suitable for players who like to shape the ball in the air or of 460cc that are more appropriate for players who like forgiveness.

  • Material

  • If back in the days, steel was a favorite when it came to 1-woods, nowadays, titanium is the most popular material in designing these clubs because it is lightweight and durable. You can also find great clubs made of composite materials like carbon or tungsten combined with titanium for the best results.

  • Loft

  • The loft is also important because it has to do with how high or low the ball will fly off the clubface and it is measured on a vertical axis. They range in loft from 8 to 12 degrees and the more loft, the more backspin. If you have a low swing speed, you will need a club with more loft and if you reach higher speeds, you will need to get a club with less loft.

  • MOI

  • MOI or Moment of Inertia is the club’s forgiveness, namely its resistance to twisting at the moment it hits the ball. A model with a high MOI is less prone to twisting or rotating at impact so it is a more reliable club.

  • Center of gravity

  • The club’s center of gravity is its balance point which can be moved back and forth and up and down by moving weights located in the club’s head. You can adjust the center of gravity as you like in order to interfere with the ball’s spin. A CG located lower and further in the back will launch the ball higher due to the increased spin while a CG moved forward will reduce the spin and will increase ball speed.

  • Face angle

  • The face angle of a driver is related to the face at an address at the time of impact. If the face sits perpendicular to the target, the face angle is square; if the ace turns away from the target, it is an open face angle and if it turns face towards the player, the angle is a closed face. When choosing the face angle, you must take into account your favorite look at address but you also need to keep in mind that it can impact the ball’s flight by affecting the loft. If you tend to slice the ball, a closed face angle will prevent you from losing the ball to the right. Also, if you tend to hit the ball left, an open face angle is better at straightening your position.

Brands Worth Buying From

Golf is a sport that has a vast history behind it, so the fact that there are certain brands which manufacture higher quality models than other brands do should not come as a surprise to anyone. In this section of the article, we will talk about the brands that have gained a lot of respect over the years due to the great 1-woods they have released. Therefore, continue to read if you want to find out what are the brands you must keep an eye on when you go shopping for the golf gear.

  • Cobra Golf

  • The now renowned and respected Cobra Golf company was founded back in 1973 by Thomas Crow, a former amateur golf champion from Australia. The first notable achievement of this company and the moment when it started to become a household name among golf players was back in 1975 when it introduced the first utility wood, known as the “Baffler”. Since then, the company has not stopped delivering new and improved golf equipment to the public, this being the reason why it gained so many loyal customers.

  • TaylorMade

  • Another company which has a great history behind it is TaylorMade. It was founded back in 1979 by Gary Adams, a golf equipment salesman who courageously took out a loan on his home and founded the now successful company. It was the company’s founder and three employees who developed the first innovative product released by this brand, more precisely a 12-degree 1-wood cast of stainless steel. Obviously, the success of the company does not come from the production of that single item, the 1-wood being only the starting point. What has made TaylorMade the renowned and respected brand it is today is the fact that it always releases new and innovative golf equipment, working constantly to improve the quality of people’s golf game?

  • Callaway

  • Of course, we cannot talk about great golf equipment manufacturers without mentioning Callaway, a company that has been around since 1982 and has managed to become a household name fast due to the high-quality, innovative great that it has released. Due to the wide array of golf equipment this brand releases, there probably is not a golfer out there who do not own a piece of great from Callaway. What has made the company so successful is definitely the promise that it makes to customers, more precisely that only superior products will be delivered to them each and every time!

Tips to Use the 1-Wood Properly

To master the 1-wood, you need to know how to position your body perfectly before taking the shot and how to rotate it when hitting the ball with the club. In this section of the article, we will teach you how to use this club like a pro for you to take the best swings possible and increase the overall quality of your game.

  • Positioning Your Shoulders

  • The backswing is usually fast and short, and it is difficult to recover from the move. If you feel tense before hitting the ball, you can fix the situation by making a full and rhythmic motion to the top. No matter if you are flexible in your swing or not, you should try to turn the lead shoulder behind the ball. Now you will shift forward when swinging the club down as you will mainly use your right side. When you swing back, take your time on the shot as it is better to be precise in your movements and not stress your body too much. After all, the key to success in golf is to move freely when swinging so that you may deliver quality shots each time.

  • Body Position at the Starting Point

  • When you are under pressure, chances are you will have a tight grip on the club that will ruin the quality of the swing. Whenever you are feeling tense, loosen the grip by keeping your feet and fingers in motion while doing movements that relax you. Now, let’s move on to the position of your body at the starting point. When you start, you should make sure the right shoulder stays back. This will allow the club to move to the inside when you start down. The key to success from this point of view is to keep your back facing the target for a longer time during the downswing and make a full turn with your body behind the ball. As you do this, keep the main shoulder passive for your upper body to not spin out, and swing out to the ball, releasing the arms and squaring the clubface.

  • Body Position During the Swing

  • If you are the type of player who hooks the ball, know the position and speed at which you move your body through the hitting area are what causes the club to flip over and the face to close. To avoid this mistake, you should continuously turn your entire body toward the target, shifting to your left side when you start and turning hard when your chest points to the ball. This way, the hooks won’t occur anymore as the club won’t flip either.

  • Arm Speed

  • Another aspect you must master is the arm speed to the finish. Know that it should always be consistent for the shot to be as precise as possible, and for this to happen, you need to keep your arms swinging at a constant speed throughout the ball until the finish. This movement will favor a good flow through impact, so you must make sure to have a good handle on this element of the game.

After a long and thorough search throughout the market for golf drivers, we inevitably came to this conclusion – it is not the player who chooses the club, but rather the 1-wood chooses the player. As we personally tested all of the products listed on our top, some of us felt right with certain clubs while others preferred completely different models. You will probably have the same experience, but what we can assure you of is that our top-ranked clubs do indeed feel like a perfect fit regardless of the person trying them out.

This is a conclusion we all came to, so we are confident when making this statement. Designed with utter care to every detail, the Cobra King F6 and the TaylorMade R15 460 are two 1-woods you will surely find a delight playing with. Also, we must mention the Pinemeadow PGX Offset as it is the customer’s choice. Thus, players have indeed appreciated the design of the club and the help it provides for lowering one’s handicap and increasing chances of winning golf games.

Seeing how it is a mandatory addition to your golf bag, it is clear you cannot go through a golf game without it. Instead of taking chances and spending your money on a cheap or expensive club that will ultimately disappoint, try out one of the 1-woods we have already reviewed. As we have tested them, we are sure of their quality, so we do not make unfunded promises. Thus, our verdict is that you can trustfully go with any of the reviewed clubs, especially the upper ranked models, as your game will witness a great improvement due to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What does MOI stand for?
MOI is an acronym that stands for the moment of inertia. In golf, it is a measurement of the club’s resistance to twisting, and it is usually used when referring to clubheads. Also, it can be used when talking about shafts and golf balls. A high MOI rating shows the club is more forgiving, while a low MOI shows the club is less forgiving.

?What is offset?
The term offset is encountered when describing golf clubs that feature a leading edge of the clubface set back from the neck or hosel. To put it in simpler words, the shaft appears to be ahead of the clubface when the club features an offset.

?Does offset help counter slices?
As the clubface arrives at impact with the ball later than it does with a club with no offset, more rotation of your hands is allowed during the shot, so you have a bit more time to get the face into a square position and counter slices.

?What is the center of gravity?
The center of gravity, also referred to as the CG, is the point that represents the intersection of all the balance points featured by the clubhead. As it is located inside the clubhead, it is defined in 3 dimensions – a vertical CG location, a horizontal CG location, and how far back from the clubface it is placed.

?Does the center of gravity affect shots?
Yes, the center of gravity does affect your shot making process as the lower and further back it is as opposed to the club’s face, the higher your shot’s trajectory will become regardless of the clubhead’s loft angle.

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