When playing golf, you need to have quality equipment by your side for the game to go smoothly and for your score to be perfect. One of the pieces of equipment that must be of a great quality for your game to receive a major upgrade is the putter. In the following, we will rank the best golf putting clubs on the market, so make sure you pay close attention in order to decide what is the best model for you to go with.

Top 13 Golf Putters Comparison

Photo Model Shaft Length Design Main Highlight Hand Orientation Price
1. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line 33”, 34”, or 35” Sturdy construction Perimeter-weighted mallet Right [affiliate id=”2928_1″]
2. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 33”, 34”, or 35” Rounded heel-toe weighted blade Full-shaft offset Right, left [affiliate id=”2928_2″]
3. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL 34” Lightweight body Consistent face insert Right [affiliate id=”2928_12″]
4. TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider 34”, 35” Lightweight aluminum body High MOI Right, Left [affiliate id=”2928_13″]
5. Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #2 34”, 35” Lightweight body High MOI Right [affiliate id=”2928_3″]
6. Cleveland Golf Men’s Huntington Beach #1 33”, 34”, or 35” 304 stainless steel construction Tour-proven shapes Right, left [affiliate id=”2928_4″]
7. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX 34” White finish Tour-weighted mallet Right [affiliate id=”2928_5″]
8. Orlimar Tangent T1 35” TPU polymer insert face High MOI Right, left [affiliate id=”2928_6″]
9. Ray Cook SR500 Limited Edition Red 35” 360-gram head weight 3-degree loft Right [affiliate id=”2928_7″]
10. Wilson Men’s Augusta 35” Traditional blade shape Highly solid response Right, left [affiliate id=”2928_8″]
11. Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 35” 3-degree loft, 70-degree lie Soft paddle-style grip Right [affiliate id=”2928_9″]
12. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL 34” Consistent design of the face insert Comes with a protective headcover Right [affiliate id=”2928_10″]
13. Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe 35” Club face features multiple density micro injections Oversized paddle grip Right, left [affiliate id=”2928_11″]

Club Reviews

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line

If money is not an issue for you and you want to make sure the equipment you carry with you on the golf course is truly of a great quality, then the perfect putting club for you is the Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line. The modified alignment system of this perimeter-weighted mallet ensures it will enhance the performance of the player when using it, effectively participating in lowering the handicap and improving the score. When it comes to design, the shaft of this club measures 35 inches and it is made for right-handed players. Also, there are another 2 options available in case this shaft length does not suit your preferences, more precisely 33 inches and 34 inches.

3 total shaft size options – 33”, 34”, and 35”
Helps lower your handicap due to its perimeter-weighted mallet
Designed to ensure a proper grip

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1

Another top of the line model you can go with is the Hot Pro 2.0 #1 that features an unmatchable design which makes it great for all players. It actually features a rounded heel-toe weighted blade and a crank-neck hosel, a design that is appreciated by pros as it offers an incomparable control over the shot. Also, the full-shaft offset participates in making this club a mandatory presence in the golf bag. What makes it even more popular is the fact that it comes in options for both right-handed and left-handed players. Also, you can choose between 3 different models when it comes to the length of the shaft, more precisely a 33-inch model, a 34-inch model, and a 35-inch model.

Features a crank-neck hosel
Options exist for left and right-handed players
Full shaft offset helps with shot accuracy

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL

Featuring the ORB alignment system, this putting club ensures you won’t miss the hole. It features a ”plumber neck” hosel which is offset, thus ensuring you will putt on the right path as you position the club. Its consistent face insert minimizes skipping, all while ensuring a smooth roll. It measures 34 inches in length, and the polyurethane and fiber layers on the grip ensure a comfortable hold of the club. Furthermore, a head cover is included with the club for extra protection.

Comfortable grip is made with polyurethane and fiber layers
Perfect balance is granted by its “plumber neck” hosel offset
Comes with a protective head cover

TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider

Boasting a useful arc structure, the club ensures an improved alignment and connection between the head and the path as it combines three sight lines perfectly. Its body is made with aluminum and it features a stainless steel ring that grants a high MOI, keeping the face square to the path. A soft feel of the face is delivered, while the soft surlyn insert increases distance control and the forward roll. The mallet is face balanced, and the head weighs only 360 grams. Furthermore, it features a unique Spider Arc geometry which increases stability when you are using the club.

Mallet is face balanced, the head weighing 360 grams
Spider Arc geometry grants high stability when you swing
Forward roll and distance control are improved by the surlyn insert

Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #2

The tour-proven design of the HB Insert #2 has made it a raging success among golf fanatics. The sleek design and lightweight body make it not only convenient to use but a spectacular addition to the golf bag as well. Due to the high MOI that this club features it is able to improve the off-center, giving your shots more speed and consistency in order to boost their quality. When it comes to shaft length, you can choose between two options, more precisely a 34-inch model or a 35-inch model. Also, know it is actually intended only for right-handed players.

Lightweight body makes it easy to swing this club
Improves off-center shots due to the high MOI
Proper consistency in shots as you use it

Cleveland Golf Men’s Huntington Beach #1

Boasting a modern and appealing design, the Huntington Beach #1 is a worthy companion for any serious golfer. It comes in many variations which suit different play-styles and preferances, existing options for both left-handed players and right-handed players. When it comes to shaft length, you can choose between the 33-inch long model, the 34-inch long model, and the 35-inch long model. The tour-proven shapes it boasts will surely delight you when you play. Also, know it is made with soft 304 stainless steel, so it is hard to top its construction.

Suits all types of play-styles
Perfect for competitive play
Comes at an affordable price

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX

As expected from a top of the line manufacturer like Pinemeadow, the PGX model is made with attention to every single detail, not only being a stylish addition to the golf bag, but an essential one as well considering the quality of its design and construction. The contrast the white color of the club creates with the green grass will help you maintain focus and position your shot perfectly. Due to the fact that it features an additional 40g weight because of the mallet, it is best to be used on fast greens. This is great news seeing how most greens are this way, thus meaning it will come in handy very often.

Contrast between the club and grass help you stay focused
Clean lines
Affordable price

Orlimar Tangent T1

The T1 is another perfect example of excellency in design, this model being ideal for all golf players as its design is updated to the current standards in golf. The high MOI it boasts ensures that with it at your disposal, your shots will receive a much needed boost in quality, helping you make perfect shots. The TPU polymer insert face it features helps when it comes to shot consistency and quality. All in all, it is an exceptional choice to go with, one you surely should not overlook.

Up to current golf standards
Shot quality increase due to high MOI
One of the more affordable selections

Ray Cook SR500 Limited Edition Red

The SR500 series putting club is the one to go for if you are more of an amateur as it is designed specifically to aid those who do not master golf all that well yet. In terms of specs, it boasts a 3-degree loft and a 70-degree lie, so it is designed to help your game and precision. The club measures 35 inches in length and its head weight is 360 grams, so it will feel like a breeze to hold it. Furthermore, it comes at quite a reasonable price that makes it all the more appealing.

Lightweight design makes it easy to swing the club
70-degree lie helps improve shot accuracy
Designed for use by amateurs as it helps them deliver more consistent shots

Wilson Men’s Augusta

Although the Augusta does not boast a modern design, actually featuring a traditional shape of the blade, this does not take away from its performance or appearance at all. On the contrary, this model proves to be a breath of fresh air for most players as it provides a great touch and a highly solid response, all without looking or feeling pretentious at all. This model is perfect for all golfers, no matter if they are right-handed or left-handed, this aspect being highly appreciated. Also, it is suited for both beginner and advanced players, so no matter how low or high your handicap is, you can confidently use it.

Perfect for all golfers, regardless of their skill level
Simplistic design
Affordable option

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

The 3-degree loft and the 70-degree lie are only two of the elements that make the Ray SR500 a desirable option to go with. It is intended to be used by right-handed players no matter if they are beginners or professionals. The slightly weighted head will dramatically improve fluid strokes, enhancing their precision. The soft paddle style grip it features ensures comfort and convenience in use. All in all, with it by your side, you will surely enjoy a great putting consistence that will help you defeat your opponents with ease.

Comfort in use granted by the soft grip
Enhances precision of fluid strokes
Head is slightly weighted

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL

The PGX SL is another great model we had to include in our top as it is designed in a highly professional manner. It boasts a great shaft length of 34 inches, and it features a consistent and perfectly designed face insert. The innovative alignment system it features is going to help you more easily sink putts. It features a top line which is going to help you remain on target more easily. In addition, it comes with a headcover you can place on it to keep the club safe from any damage when it is not in use.

Alignment system helps with sink putts
Top line helps you remain on target
Cheap asking price

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe

Last we have the Square Heel/Toe model that has a perfect shaft length of 35 inches and comes in two different styles, more precisely an option for left-handed players, and one for right-handed players. The square heel/toe design of is not only eye cathing, but it enhances the usefulness and precision of the putting club as well. You can play with it confidently regardless how the weather is, the oversized paddle grip ensuring you will constantly be in control of the shot. Also, it features comfortable vertical seams on the grip that improve the feel when using it.

Enhanced precision due to square heel/toe design
Vertical grip seams improve comfort when using the club
One of the most affordable selections on this market

Shaft Lengths Explained

If you ever want to produce consistent, quality strikes when putting, you must find the right shaft length for your height and type of stroke. Inconsistencies from this point of view lead to a bad posture and an incorrect contact with the ball when striking it. The putter’s length is measured from the sole to the shaft. The only existing rule regarding the length of this club is that the distance from the sole to the shaft must measure at least 18 inches. Although there is no actual limit when it comes to the length of the shaft, there are three main types of putting clubs you can choose between from this point of view, more precisely traditional length, belly, and long models.

  • Standard Length – 32 to 36 Inches

  • If you are leaning towards a pendulum-like stroke, the traditional putting club that measures from 32 to 26 inches in length is the right choice for you. Enhancing your abilities to putt a perfect roll, it acts as an elongation of your arms. Basically, it allows your arms to hang down and grip in a natural manner, the height it boasts endorsing this convenient posture to be possible.

  • Belly Length – 41 to 46 Inches

  • The third point of contact belly putting clubs have delivered to golfing makes them a huge craze among players. It is the third point of contact that adds an enhanced stability and makes the putting club so desirable. To better understand the design of the golf club, know that the contact points we mentioned previously are situated at the level of your hands and belly – the club gets its name from the location of the third point. Another interesting aspect worth mentioning is the fact that even when you anchor the putting club against your body, it does not affect your posture. Thus, you will be able to produce smooth and natural putts with ease.

  • Long – 48 to 52 Inches

  • Long putting clubs that can reach astonishing lengths of even up to 52 inches are less commonly used as they require to be used by very tall players. The resting points of these putting golf clubs can be your chin, chest, or belly button. A drastic change is required in the grip when compared to the belly or traditional clubs, more accent being put on using the power in your right hand. Alas, it is the manner in which it has to be used that managed to take it out of professional competitions, this putting method being considered anchoring by the rules and regulations instituted at the moment. This means that if you intend to participate in competitions, you won’t be allowed to use it as the movement you must produce when striking the ball with the club is strictly forbidden.

Buying Guide – Putting Green Clubs

Want to make sure you will pick the right putting green club when you go shopping? Then check out this section of our article to find out what are the elements you should look into when making the purchase. Seeing how a quality putting club does have you spend at least $100, it is quite necessary for you to pay attention to what you are investing in. Thus, let’s not waste more time and move on to see how you can make the right pick.

  • Head shape: You can pick between three head shapes – blades, mid-mallets, and mallets. Blades are the smallest option to go with, and their design and composition make them very stable in the stroke. Thus, they are made to be perfect for those who want a compact look at address and who enjoy a heightened feel when putting. Mid-mullets offer the ideal fusion between stability and feel, being considered highly versatile for different types of strokes, like straight back and through for example. Last but not least, mallets are the largest option you could choose, being best suited for those who boast a mid or high handicap. Their large head allows more weight to prevent the head from twisting, so they are very stable.
  • Face type: The face of is another important factor to take into consideration as it influences the control you will hold over shot distance. Depending on the manufacturer you purchase from, you will find either milled designs or insert designs. Milled models boast consistency in material as their steel is not heated or hardened, thus maintaining its design. Insert models are said to improve ball-speed consistency when you are putting from the toe or heel as they feature a groove in the middle and shallow end. We recommend you go with an insert model if you are looking to lower your handicap as it is the better option for beginners.
  • Weight: Recently, counterbalancing was introduced to golfing putters. This tech sees weight placed in the head of the club more than normal in order to prevent twisting at inopportune moments. Make sure you check for the club to feature counterbalancing if you do not boast the best skills yet as this type of putting club greatly helps when it comes to precision shots.

Putting is a skill you must master if you ever plan on beating that more experienced friend of yours or ever competing at a professional level. However, regardless of how much you try and practice, without the right club, you will never get the ball inside the hole with one single shot. If you cannot settle for less than the best possible quality, it is obvious that you will opt for the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line which allows you to putt like you never did before due to its modified alignment system which offers more precision. Furthermore, there are a total of 3 length options to choose between, so you are sure to find the one which feels most comfortable for you. From our personal point of view, the Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #2 is the best choice you could go for as it comes in three different length options to suit your particular needs. Furthermore, it boasts a lightweight body which makes it even good for use by beginners, endorsing a quick fix and improvement of putting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does shaft design influence how the golf club feels?
Yes, the design of the shaft bears great influence over the way the club feels. If you are dealing with an offset head, for example, there are two functions the club will serve – to keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact and to help you see the ball more easily before hitting it.

?What is the difference between face balanced and toe balanced putting clubs?
The face of face balanced models faces upwards when you balance the shaft on your finger, while toe balanced models point their toes to the ground as you are balancing the shaft on your finger. This makes them more inclined to opening and closing throughout the stroke, which makes them better options for those who have an arc in their putting strokes.

?Does the insert affect MOI and forgiveness in any way?
If you go with an insert faced putting club, know that indeed the insert’s design influences forgiveness and moment of inertia. A light insert, for example, redistributes the weight to the heel and toe of the club, thus causing an increase in MOI and forgiveness.

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